b'Global Animal PartnershipGlobal Animal Partnership (GAP)Certified Chicken FarmsIn addition, our organic chickens are raised on farms rated GAP 2 or higher by the Global AnimalOur Better Chicken CommitmentsPartnership (GAP). On GAP 2-4 farms, to protect birds fromWere committed to meeting demand Providing enhanced housingthe elements, they are allowedfrom current and future customersenvironments, including brighteroutside during the daytime oncewho desire a sustainable supply oflight, improved litter conditions and their feathers are fully developed,chicken that meets all the 2024enrichments that encouragewhich is typically around 4 weeksanimal welfare criteria outlined innormal behaviorsof age. Birds may come indoorsthe Joint Animal Protection Agency Converting from electrical toat night and when temperaturesStatement on Broiler Chickencontrolled atmosphere stunningare too cold for their comfort. ForWelfare Issues and by the Globaland demonstrating compliance viaGAP 5 farms, birds have outdoorAnimal Partnership.third-party verificationperches and are allowed 24-hour Offering slower-growing breedsaccess to the pasture area. Thiswith measurably higher welfareprogram uses a breed that isoutcomes and reduced stockingbetter suited to the outdoors. density87 ANIMAL CARE'