b'Turkeys aNndo -HAongtsibiotics-EverPerdue TurkeysPERDUE is the nations largest No-Antibiotics-EverFederation Standards of Animal Care Guidelines and turkey brand*. All of our No-Antibiotics-Ever turkeysour farms are audited annually by PAACO certified are fed a vegetarian diet and are certified in the USDAauditors.Process Verified Program by USDA auditors. Our growing barns provide natural light for our turkeys. The farmers who raise our turkeys share an equal We do not use antibiotics for disease prevention. responsibility to provide care according to our standards and make us aware of any issues involving As part of our commitment to higher welfare standardsanimal health or welfare.for the turkeys we raise, we follow the National Turkey *Source: MULO & MULO + Convenience data is reported by Information Resources, Inc. through its (Integrated_Fresh_Market_Advantage) = Integrated TSV Syndicated Database,for the (Total Turkey RWNW NAE & Total Ground Turkey NAE Categories) for the (52wk. ending period 10/04/20). The report includes all major brands and does includePrivate Label in the report. Regarding your claim of excluding Private Label, this will have to be made at Perdues discretion not IRI.Coleman Natural HogsOur Coleman Natural operationsThe American Humane Certified source hogs only from Americanprogram provides third-party Humane Certified U.S. family verification for every step of live farms that are free of gestation production, transport and harvesting. and farrowing crates and never Our farmers must meet or exceed use antibiotics, hormones or more than 200 science-based growth-promoting drugs. humane animal care standards in order to produce for the Coleman Our hogs are raised on an all- Natural brand.vegetarian diet in a combinationof pastures, hoop barns, outdoorlots and controlled-atmosphere barns with fresh-air ventilation.ANIMAL CARE 88'