b'TANKA AND NIMAN RANCH PARTNER TO ASSIST IN THE ECONOMIC REVITALIZATION ON PINE RIDGE, REBUILD BISON POPULATIONNiman Ranch launched a new partnership with Native American Natural Foods Tanka brand in 2019, with the aim of building a humane and sustainable Native American supply of bison, cattle and other pasture raised animals raised on Native prairie by Native people. The effort will benefit the Native American owned company as it seeks to reclaim its leading position as the original, award-winning, highly popular bison and berry snacking bar that replicates a time-honored recipe of Native communities. The alliance with Niman Ranch will help Tanka gain market stability with combined access to new markets, capital and expertise for greater opportunities with current Native producers and clear incentives for new Native ranchers to join. The plan will include a new focus on utilizing the full animal with higher value cuts for food service and retail, opportunities to grow the brand with current and new customers, a re-branding with the goal for a U.S.-raised, third-party Certified Humane seal and a network of advisors and on the ground support.The partnership will also support the economic revitalization of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, which is one of the poorest communities in the country.PEOPLE AND PARTNERS: OUR BUSINESS PARTNERS AND COMPANY 89'