b'United Nations Sustainable Development GoalsUN SDG Alignment FY2021 Company Stewardship Report1. No Poverty 4. Quality 7. Affordable Competitive wages Education and Clean Energy and benefits, includingAssociate tuition2022 goal of 30%medical, dental and reimbursementreduction of scopevision plansSupport for local schools and 1 and 2 carbon equivalent Increase in hourly production educational programs emissions*compensationtotal hourlyIn 2020, Perdue FoundationPlanet Scorecard sets annualcompensation, including benefits, awarded $12,000 in grants for goals to reduce fossil fuel andexceeds $21, and average hourly education and literacy programs, electricity usageproduction rate is 191% of the $100,000 in scholarships andTwo solar farms producingfederal minimum wage$55,000 for social and mentoring 2.8 MW of renewable energy 401(k) with matching contributions programsMethane from Cromwell, KY., Training, opportunities for anaerobic lagoon producesadvancement and tuition electricity, reducing CO2ereimbursement, along with 5. Gender Equality emissions by approximatelycommitment to affirmative action,Commitment to equal 100,000 tonsdiversity and inclusion opportunity, diversity,Cogeneration plant uses biomass Support for community nonprofits inclusion, equity to produce steam for our Cofield,addressing issues related toStrong policy against any form N.C. feed millpoverty of discrimination, harassment orSoybean crushing plant in In 2020, Perdue Foundation abuse Bainbridge, PA., taps existingawarded $1.1 million in grants toThree female senior leaders Lancaster County Solid Wastefight hunger and poverty report to the CEO Management Authority waste-to-Offer associate resource groups energy and reduces transportation Perdue Organization for Women miles to reduce greenhouse gas2. Zero Hunger and Groundbreaking Associate emissions by 72%. EconomicInclusion Networkopportunities in ruralRecognized by 2020 Women oncommunities Boards for leadership in gender 8. Decent Work andFeeding America Mission Partner diversityEconomic Growthand support for hunger reliefWomen comprise more thanSafe, productive andefforts 50% of the independent executive rewarding work In 2020, donated 6.1 million directors of the Board environmentpounds of protein to FeedingTreating associates with dignityAmerica and respect In 2020, Perdue Foundation 6. Clean WaterOpportunities for economicawarded $1.1 million in grants and Sanitation advancement to fight hunger and povertyGoal of 25% reduction In 2020, donated more than 20,000in potable water usepounds to food banks to support by 2022* 9. Industry,disaster relief2022 goal of 25% reduction of Innovation and potable water use* Infrastructure Planet Scorecard includes auditOver past three3. Good Health and compliance scores and annualyears, invested more than $350and Well-Being goals to reduce water usagemillion in facility expansions Voluntary associateAnnual environmental audits of and improvements as well asHealth Improvement wastewater pre-treatment and technology improvementsProgram treatment facilitiesOn-site Wellness CentersGEMI local water tool for waterwith $0 co-pay risk assessments at all our Healthier product choices large facilitiesSupport for community nonprofithealth agencies91 UNITED NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS'