b'RESPONSIBLYSUPPORTING OUR CONTRIBUTING TO OURFARM FAMILY BUSINESS PARTNERS PARTNERSAs a family-owned, privately held company, we make business decisions that effectively balance our long-termThe majority of our chickens and strategies with short-term requirements while staying trueturkeys are raised on local farms to what we believe in. That way, we can make sure ourby more than 2,200 independent actions bring us closer to our goals. We have a core codefarmers contracted to care for our of conduct and ethical practices, which we share with allpoultry on their farms. associates and re-communicate to managers annually. Our poultry house contracts are We also know that our ability to contribute positivelydesigned to help insulate farmersto others depends on the resources we generatefrom most of the financial risksthrough our business. Our value of stewardship associated with raising chickens includes the responsibility to generate profitable growth and turkeysincluding volatile to support the strategic plans of our company, sustainingmarketswhile providing year-us into the future.round farm income and rewarding top performance. Those contracts We understand that our success goes hand in hand withwere developed with input from our our ability to help our business partners - including ourfarmers and written in plain English, customers, farm partners and vendors - be successful.and they include provisions for peer This is founded in our core values of integrity andreview to resolve issues between the teamwork, and it extends into our strategic growth plans.company and our farmers. 90 PEOPLE AND PARTNERS: OUR BUSINESS PARTNERS AND COMPANY'