b"THE CONTRACT GROWING RELATIONSHIP Perdue delivers day-old chicksto the farms and provides feed, Perdue has been contracting with farmers to raise veterinary care and advice. our poultry since the 1950s. Many of the farmOur flock advisors,families raising our chickens have been with ourveterinarians and poultrycompany across multiple generations, with sons and daughters deciding to build poultry houses based oncare officersbacked by anthe experiences of their parents and grandparents.advanced team of scientistsOur ability to attract new farmers is dependent uponand laboratory techniciansthe trust we earn within the farm community. working with leading researchFarmers are paid for raising the chickens, with higherand analytical equipment pay going to those who are most efficient. A contractassist our farmers. poultry operation is like any other business in that farmers need to reinvest in their operations to remain Perdue maintains ownershipcompetitive. In addition, standards related to foodof the chickens and thesafety, bird health and welfare and environmentalfarmers are responsiblestewardship change over time as a result of, among other things, advances in animal husbandry, changingfor caring for the birds andconsumer and customer expectations and new lawsproviding housing that meetsand regulations. However, Perdue often providesPerdue's standards.no-interest financing and other incentives to assist farmers with necessary upgrades. PEOPLE AND PARTNERS: OUR BUSINESS PARTNERS AND COMPANY 91"