b'GOVERNANCE AND ACCOUNTABILITYStewardship is part of our culture, goals and day-to-day operationsOur companys sustainability platform, We believe in responsible food and agriculture, is part of ourformal vision-and-values framework and communicated to all associates. Our companys Values areQuality, Integrity, Teamwork and Stewardship, and our stewardship goal reads: We protect theenvironment, ensure the well-being of our associates, provide for the welfare of the animals in our care,live up to our civic responsibilities and generate earnings for the future of our company.Ensuring adherence to our values, including the stewardship platform, is the responsibility of theChairman and a shared accountability of all associates. Each year, our company sets goals in the areas of people, products, planet and profitability andcommunicates those goals to all associates. All managers are held accountable for goals in the areasof associate safety, health and retention; product quality, safety and customer service; environmentalstewardship; and financial performance. The board and senior leadership approve these goals. The board reviews results and progress toward the goals factors into management compensation.Our Vice President of Sustainability reports directly to the CEO and is responsible for developing ourenvironmental stewardship goals. For our environmental stewardship goals, we measure reductions inntensity (use per pound of product). While annual reductions or increases in production impact ouriresults from one year to the next, we feel this metric encourages ongoing responsibility and makesus accountable for responsible growth. GOVERNANCE AND ACCOUNTABILITY 93'