b'UNITED NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS UN SDG Alignment FY2020 Company Stewardship Report10. Reduced 13. Climate Action 15. Life on LandInequalities2022 goal of 30%Provided monetary Competitive wages reduction of scope and volunteerand benefits 1 and 2 carbon support for Alliance Opportunities for advancement equivalent emissions* for Chesapeake Bay Project Economic investment in ruralPlanet Scorecard with annual Clean Stream for 12 years. Morecommunities goals to reduce fossil fuel and than 7,000 Perdue Associateselectricity usage have volunteered and removed Two solar farms producing in excess of 506,000 pounds of11. Sustainable2.8 MW of renewable energy trash from local streams andCities and Methane from Cromwell, Ky., planted more than 4,100 trees Communities anaerobic lagoon produces2022 goal to divert more than Responsibly electricity, reducing CO2e 90% of our solid waste*contributing to the economic emissions by approximatelyEnvironmentally responsibledevelopment of our 100,000 tons practicescommunities Cogeneration plant usesMember Roundtable on Feeding America Mission biomass to produce steam for Sustainable Palm OilPartner and support forour Cofield, N.C. feed millAgronomy services and productshunger relief effortsLewiston, N.C. harvest operation to promote healthy soils Food donations following is GreenCircle Zero Waste toSupport for land conservanciesnatural disasters Landfill certifiedIn 2019, Perdue Foundation In 2019, donated $10,000 toFounding member of Penn State awarded $177,000 in grants fordisaster relief through local University Smeal Center for the environmental and agriculturalAmerican Red Cross chapters Business of Sustainabilityprograms In 2019, donated more than500,000 pounds to food banks 14. Life Below16. Peace, Justice to support disaster relief Water and StrongEnergy and water reductionefforts, environmental2022 goal of Institutionscompliance efforts 25% reductionCommitment toAssociate volunteer hours for of potable water use*diversity and inclusioncommunity projects Planet Scorecard with annual In 2019, Perdue Foundation goals to reduce water usageawarded $1.364 million in grantsJim Perdue is the Chairman of 17. Partnershipsto 93 non-profit organizations, the Board of the Oyster for the Goalsincluding $189,400 for Recovery PartnershipDevelopingcommunity improvement andCompleted 10th year of bagging and expandingpublic safety oyster shell and spat for Oyster relationships with NGOs andRecovery Partnership. More advocacy groupsthan 500 Perdue associates have Work with multiple stakeholders12. Responsible bagged enough shells to plant to identify shared goalsConsumption 25 million young to rebuild localand Production oyster populationsCommitment toProvided monetary and *2015 baseline year compared to CY2019environmentally volunteer support for Allianceresponsible practices for Chesapeake Bay Project Transparent and informative Clean Stream for 12 years. Morelabeling and marketing than 7,000 Perdue Associates Third-party verifications, have volunteered and removedcertifications and USDA Process in excess of 506,000 pounds ofVerified Programs trash from local streams andplanted more than 4,100 trees Salmon-Safe certification forDraper Valley Farms operationsUNITED NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS 95'