Overseas Processing Position Statement

September 3, 2014

All of our branded products sold domestically are from animals born, raised and harvested in the United States. Processing, further processing, cooking and packaging are done only at USDA inspected facilities in the United States. This includes the PERDUE®, COLEMAN NATURAL®, COLEMAN ORGANIC®, HARVESTLAND® and HARVESTLAND® Organic brands, and local West Coast brands ROCKY®, ROSIE®, RANGER® and DRAPER VALLEY FARMS®.

We also fully support Country of Origin Labeling and transparency in origin, processing and further processing for animal protein, and believe in helping consumers make informed choices. In addition, we have audited programs to trace the origin of all our branded products sold to US consumer. Within the PERDUE® brand, we have gone beyond Country of Origin Labeling requirements with an industry-first USDA Process Verified Program for "Raised Cage Free in the USA" and "Product of US" labeling on further-processed items. Further, our USDA Process Verified Programs at Perdue Foods processing, further processing and cooking plants providing chicken for the PERDUE® and HARVESTLAND® brands provide government-audited assurance that all of our chicken is from US farms and processed only in the US. At our other plants, the USDA Organic certification and Non-GMO Project Verification provide traceability for all our poultry products. No-Antibiotics-Ever affidavits provide traceability for our pork and beef products.

While the United States government has added China to the growing list of countries approved to export chicken for sale in the United States, we will continue to use only chicken raised on American farms and processed in America for products sold in US.

We do have overseas operations, but those are used exclusively to better serve our international customers.

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