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Our Ag Business

Products and services from a trusted name.

A Leading Company Built on Trust

Our business started as a family farm, and we know our future depends on continuously earning the trust of farmers and customers.

Perdue AgriBusiness is an international agricultural products and services company.

  • We source, merchandise and process agricultural commodities, including, grains, oilseeds, blended feed ingredients and specialty seed oils for food and other uses
  • We offer a full range of farm services from agronomy to risk management and merchandising
  • We provide flexible, forward-thinking solutions that help our customers prosper

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Our Grains and Oilseeds

Grains and Oilseeds

One of the nation’s largest grain companies, Perdue AgriBusiness understands that the best way to maintain a steady supply of grains is by supporting the farmers in our communities. That’s why we buy grain from local farmers and dealers for feed manufacturing, further processing, and domestic and international merchandising.

For farmers, we have a philosophy of “you grow it, we’ll buy it,” which not only supports corn and soybeans, but also covers crops such as wheat and barley—increasing the environmental sustainability of crop production and bringing extra income to the farmer.

With more than a half century of experience in oilseed processing, Perdue AgriBusiness is a trusted supplier of soybean meal, hulls, vegetable oils and lecithin for food, feed and industrial applications.

We work with farmers to grow specialty seeds, such as DuPont Pioneer® brand Plenish® high oleic soybeans, which enable food manufacturers and foodservice operators to achieve 0g trans fat per serving and 20 percent less saturated fat than conventional soybean oil.

Our Exports and International Business

Perdue AgriBusiness International merchandises agricultural commodities to markets in Europe, the Mediterranean, sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean and South America. We ship in bulk and by containers.

We also import grains, working directly with trusted overseas suppliers. We have a trading office in Brazil and export capacity on Brazil’s coast.

Our Animal Nutrition

Our Animal Nutrition

Perdue AgriBusiness develops and markets research-driven products and services that maximize nutrient utilization for all stages of the animal's life cycle.

We work with leading nutritionists to provide custom-blend feed ingredients to dairy and poultry.

Our Animal Nutrition

Our Specialty Crops and Services


Perdue AgriBusiness is a trusted supplier of organic and nonGMO feeds, specialty oils and identity-preserved products. We offer expert services in crop procurement, production and supply chain management for specialty seeds such as high erucic acid rapeseed and high oleic sunflower as well as organic soybeans and canola.

We work directly with farmers to source nonGMO and organic grain.

We also crush and refine the seed to produce specialty oils for food and personal care products manufacturers.