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Become a Perdue Poultry Farmer

Take the first step toward working with one of the most trusted names in food and agricultural products.

The Perdue Opportunity

Like other types of farming, raising poultry is not just a job. It’s a way of life. It takes independence, dedication and flexibility. If you’re up to the challenge, owning a poultry farm can be a rewarding opportunity.

What can I expect as a Perdue poultry farmer?

As a poultry farm owner, you’ll never punch a time clock, and you’ll have the satisfaction of leading your own business and being associated with trusted and respected brands.

  • As a contracted farmer working exclusively with Perdue, you’ll adhere to our standards, just as we adhere to the standards our customers set
  • You’ll need to provide continuous care for the birds, checking them multiple times each day, tracking their health and growth, and maintaining the poultry house equipment
  • You, or a designated caretaker, must be available to respond immediately to any issue with poultry house systems critical to bird health and welfare
  • You’ll have to incorporate biosecurity (protecting the flock from diseases) into your daily life

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What’s the financial opportunity?

For many farm families, poultry houses supplement other farm income and can provide the additional income necessary to farm full time. For other families, one partner may stay at home to manage the farm while the other maintains an outside career. Running the poultry operation is often a family undertaking.

Some farmers with multiple-house operations have taken advantage of the economies of scale to make their poultry farms the primary source of income.

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Why Grow for Perdue?



As a leading poultry and grain company, we’ve earned the trust of generations of farm families.

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Our family ownership ensures consistency, and our market leadership and innovation continue to drive demand for our products. We’ve made significant changes to separate ourselves from competitors, aligning our farms with evolving consumer preferences, strengthening our relationships with leading retail and foodservice customers, and supporting sustainable growth.

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Poultry Houses

State-of-the-art poultry houses

Your Perdue poultry houses will incorporate the most advanced designs and technology to create optimal growing conditions for the birds, improving performance while reducing labor.

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Unparalleled support

When you partner with Perdue, you’re never on your own. We’re here to support you with:

  • A flock adviser providing ongoing guidance to help maximize your flock performance— and your income
  • Dedicated veterinarians for each of our growing regions, backed by our own animal health lab
  • A Technical Services Department that rivals many research universities and houses our experts in poultry health and nutrition
  • Research to support continuous improvement in animal care

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Contract Poultry Farming with Perdue

Contract poultry growing is common, but not all companies are the same. Perdue has opportunities for farmers to join us on a path of continuous improvement.

For more than a half century, contract poultry growing has contributed to farm income, providing generations of farm families with stable, predictable year-round revenue insulated from many of the risks associated with volatile commodity markets.

As with any agricultural venture, a poultry farm requires the right land, ongoing investments in equipment, and especially the commitment and dedication to care for and nurture living animals.

Our poultry contracts cover:


(meat chickens)




Breeder flocks that supply eggs to hatcheries

Today, more than 90 percent of broiler chickens and the majority of turkeys are raised by independent farmers under contract to poultry companies, such as Perdue. These companies are referred to as integrators because of their integrated supply chain, which provides quality assurance at every step.

Perdue's vertical integration includes:

  • Breeder operations and contract farms
  • Hatcheries
  • Feed ingredient sourcing and feed mills
  • Grow-out operations, including contract broiler and turkey farms
  • Technical and veterinary services
  • Harvesting and processing
  • Marketing, sales and distribution

See what makes our approach to farming unlike that of any other company:

  • Raising healthy poultry without relying on antibiotics
  • Advancing animal care
  • Improving relationships with farmers
  • Embracing market preferences, such as USDA certified organic, Global Animal Partnership (GAP) certification and Non-GMO Project Verification

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