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largest poultry company in the U.S. by sales (7% of market)



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Perdue AgriBusiness ranks among the top 10 U.S. grain companies

Perdue Stewardship Updates

Reaching Millennial Shoppers with a Fresh Look for PERDUE® Fresh Chicken

With a contemporary design featuring playful illustrations and vibrant colors, we introduced a fresh new look for our PERDUE® brand fresh chicken, the fourth major packaging update in the half-century history of the brand. Extensive research and testing helped us develop packaging that appeals to a new generation of shoppers while strengthening relationships with loyal brand consumers.

The design also better highlights our trusted product attributes, including no-antibiotics-ever, 100-percent-vegetarian-fed with no animal by-products and raised cage-free with no hormones or steroids. (While federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones and steroids in poultry, consumers look for the assurance of this claim.)

New Advertising Helps Promote Organic Chicken & Convenience

New Advertising Helps Promote Organic Chicken & Convenience

In 2018, the PERDUE® brand continued to leverage the third and fourth generation of family advertising spokespersons in national TV ads to promote USDA-certified organic chicken and the convenience consumers desire.

Chris Perdue and Ryan Perdue, part of the fourth generation of Perdue family working in the business, joined their father, chairman and longtime advertising spokesperson Jim Perdue, in two new commercials featuring PERDUE® HARVESTLAND® Organic chicken and PERDUE® FRESH CUTS pre-cut boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

“Family has always been an important part of the Perdue story,” said Jim Perdue. “Our advertising featuring Perdue family brand spokespersons is but one small part of our story. Today, there are four fourth-generation family members working in the company, and they continue to carry our values forward as we prepare to enter our second century in 2020.”

Celebrating 50th Anniversary of PERDUE® Branded Chicken

Fifty years ago, the introduction of PERDUE® branded chicken forever transformed the chicken business and went on to make history. In 2018, Perdue Farms commemorated the 50th anniversary of the PERDUE® brand at the hometown harvest plant in Salisbury, Md., that produced those very first chickens.

It was at the Salisbury plant that the late Frank Perdue established the quality standards that set his chicken apart from the competition, changing chicken from a commodity to a branded product. In just a few years, thanks to the now-famous “It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken” advertising campaign, the Perdue name became as recognized in its New York and Northeast markets as many other iconic brands.

Today, the PERDUE® brand is the No. 1 brand of fresh chicken and No. 1 organic brand in the United States, with a rapidly growing portfolio of no-antibiotics-ever products under the PERDUE®, PERDUE® SIMPLY SMART® and PERDUE® HARVESTLAND® brands, and USDA-certified organic chicken under the PERDUE® HARVESTLAND® Organic brand.

A Distribution Hub to the Southeast

A Distribution Hub to the Southeast

Our Southeast Distribution Center in Rincon, Ga., officially opened in 2018, enabling us to meet the growing demand for no-antibiotics-ever and organic chicken, and help maintain the high level of customer service and reliability customers expect from Perdue.

Responsibly Contributing to Our Business Partners

As a family-owned, privately held company, we make business decisions that effectively balance our long-term strategies with short-term requirements while staying true to what we believe in. That way, we can make sure our actions bring us closer to our goals. We have a core code of conduct and ethical practices, which we share with all associates and recommunicate to managers annually.

We also know that our ability to contribute positively to others depends on the resources we generate through our business. Our value of stewardship includes the responsibility to generate profitable growth to support the strategic plans of our company, sustaining us into the future.

We understand that our success goes hand in hand with our ability to help our business partners—including our customers, farm partners and vendors—be successful. This is founded in our core values of integrity and teamwork, and it extends into our strategic growth plans.

Investing in Customer Service & Quality Products

In 2018, we continued to invest millions in our food operations to improve customer service and meet demand for our products.

Perdue Cook Plant Expansion

In 2018, we invested $42 million to expand our Perry, Ga., cooking operation, where we produce a variety of frozen, cooked chicken products for consumers and restaurants, and created more than 120 new jobs in Houston County. A new third cooking line helps us meet demand for no-antibiotics-ever and organic chicken products.


Investing in Our Dillon Operation

A $20 million investment at our Dillon, S.C., operation also supports demand for NAE chicken products with our foodservice customers. The expansion also included a state-of-the art cooler and new loading dock, and created about 100 new jobs.


Expanding Our Pork Operation

To help meet growing demand for custom cuts in our specialty pork business, and enhance customer service and reliability, we invested $29 million in a two-story, 50,000-square-foot expansion of the pork harvest operation in Sioux Center, Iowa. The expansion is expected to create some 50 new jobs.


Niman Ranch Pledges to Double Farmer Network

As part of its leadership in sustainable agriculture and humane livestock practices, Niman Ranch pledged to double its network and add more than 750 independent family farmers and ranchers in the next 10 years.


Supporting Our Farm Family Partners

Poultry Farmers

The majority of our chickens and turkeys are raised on local farms by more than 2,200 independent farmers contracted to care for our poultry on their farms.

Our poultry house contracts are designed to help insulate farmers from most of the financial risks associated with raising chickens and turkeys—including volatile markets—while providing year-round farm income and rewarding top performance. Those contracts were developed with input from our farmers and written in plain English, and they include provisions for peer review to resolve issues between the company and our farmers.


Coleman Natural Hog Farmers

Farmers who raise hogs for sale to Coleman Natural put in extra work to meet our care standards, including no antibiotics ever and an all-vegetarian diet. In turn, they receive a premium price for their animals. We help them with veterinary and technical support.


Niman Ranch Farmers

The NIMAN RANCH® brand joined the Perdue family in 2015. Niman Ranch is a community of more than 740 independent family farmers and ranchers who raise pork, beef and lamb traditionally, humanely and sustainably.


Corporate Stewardship Report

Company Stewardship Report

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