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Our Quality Foods

Producing Safe, High-Quality, Trusted & Affordable Food

Delivering Trust Across Multiple Brands And Proteins

Through our PERDUE®, PERDUE® SIMPLY SMART®, PERDUE® CHICKEN PLUS™, PERDUE® HARVESTLAND®, COLEMAN ALL NATURAL MEATS®, NIMAN RANCH®, PASTUREBIRD®, YUMMY®, and multiple other local brands, we’re bringing innovative product solutions for consumers to market while raising animals to higher standards. That’s made us a leader in raising animals with a diet free from animal by-products, hormones and antibiotics. We also have a full range of foodservice products, from conventional to organic, and our Perdue International offerings reach customers around the globe.

Still The Leader In Raising Animals With No Antibiotics Ever*

When it comes to antibiotics, we continue to say no – with a full roster of 100% No-Antibiotics-Ever brands. Now in our second century of business, we proudly lead the industry in animal welfare. Our 2016 announcement that we converted all of our chicken production to a no-antibiotics-ever program remains the tipping point that moved no-antibiotics-ever into the mainstream and pioneered the industry to follow. At a time when competitors are going back to using preventative antibiotics, we want to reinforce our commitment to feeding our chickens, and your family, clean food.
*Minimally Processed. No Artificial Ingredients.

Food Awards

PEOPLE’s Food Awards 2022 (PERDUE® CHICKEN PLUS® Chicken Tots™)

“Best Organic and Natural” on Wide Open Eats’ List of the Five Best Frozen Chicken Tenders (PERDUE® SIMPLY SMART® ORGANICS Lightly Breaded Chicken Strips)

The Takeout’s List of Best Grocery Store Chicken Nuggets (Yummy! Meatless Plant-Based Nuggets)

“Best Organic Option” on Taste of Home’s List of Best Frozen Chicken Tenders (PERDUE® SIMPLY SMART® ORGANICS Lightly Breaded Chicken Strips)

HuffPost’s List of “Reliable Frozen Meals to Stash in Your Freezer” (PERDUE® SIMPLY SMART® ORGANICS Whole Grain Chicken Breast Tenders)

Perdue Stewardship Updates

Perdue Launches PERDUE® Chicken Plus Snackers

Perdue Launches PERDUE® Chicken Plus Snackers

PERDUE® Chicken Plus Snackers are a bite-sized, pop-able snack de-signed to combine the crave-able flavors that teens want with more of the nutrition parents love. This new product line is 100% natural, and minimally processed without artificial ingredients. Featuring three iconic snacking flavors – Pizza, BBQ, and Firecracker – and a quarter cup of veggies and 9 grams of protein in every serving, PERDUE® Chicken Plus Snackers blend delicious Perdue Chicken with real plants and vegetables, but kids only taste the chicken, so they won’t know the difference.

Perdue Launches PERDUE® Flavor-Infused Chicken

Perdue Launches PERDUE® Flavor-Infused Chicken

PERDUE® Flavor-Infused Chicken is versatile and easily combined with other ingredients like pasta or rice and veggies to make a tasty dish in min-utes with authentic flavors from around the globe. This product line comes refrigerated and ready to heat and eat, is 100% natural, and minimally processed without artificial ingredients. We use a sous vide cooking process to vacuum seal and slow-cook the chicken, resulting in ultra-tender, extra juicy, flavor-infused chicken fully cooked to perfection. Available in three va-rieties – Sesame Ginger, Green Chili, and Greek – PERDUE® Flavor-Infused Chicken gives you guaranteed flavor in every bite.

Niman Ranch Launches Iberian Duroc Pork  and Grass-Fed Beef Programs

Niman Ranch Launches Iberian Duroc Pork and Grass-Fed Beef Programs

Niman Ranch expanded its portfolio of premium pork offerings with a first-of-its-kind Iberian Duroc pork program. Combining industry-leading animal care protocols with famed genetics sourced from the Iberian Peninsula, the Iberian Duroc pork further elevates Niman Ranch’s highest quality offerings and boasts robust marbling, a rich rosy color and a truly exceptional eating experience. Niman Ranch sourced the Iberian Duroc genetics from Spain, a region that has long-prized marbling and rich flavor in its pork.

“Five years ago, Niman Ranch challenged itself to raise the bar to be sure we continue to offer the very best,” said Chris Oliviero, Niman Ranch General Manager. “We traveled the globe searching for hog breeds and genetics that would provide unrivaled marbling and flavor while being able to thrive in our outdoor-based farm model.”

In 2022, Niman Ranch also launched a USDA-graded Choice and Prime, domestic, culinary-driven 100 percent grass-fed and finished beef program. Sourced exclusively from American ranches, the new beef program provides the exceptional marbling, tender texture and consistent, rich flavor Niman Ranch is known for — but with the added health and environmental benefits grass-fed beef brings to the table.

Niman Ranch grass-fed beef is raised by independent family ranchers without antibiotics or hormones and is 100 percent Certified Humane, an ASPCA-approved third-party animal welfare certification.

Full Moon® Releases Its First-Ever  Line of Human-Grade Dog Food

Full Moon® Releases Its First-Ever Line of Human-Grade Dog Food

Created for pet owners seeking high-quality ingredients free from additives or preservatives, our Full Moon® pet brand launch its first-ever line of dog food: Freshly Crafted™. This new dog food comes frozen and is made using 100 percent human-grade ingredients like real chicken breast, rosemary, and blueberries – meaning it looks, smells, and tastes just like the food you would cook in your own kitchen and provides your dog with the nutritional benefits to thrive.

The Freshly Crafted product line includes Homestead Turkey, Ranch-Raised Beef, and Free-Range Chicken – all of which contain no grains or fillers and help deliver wholesome food that feels homecooked. Full Moon works with family farmers to source meat from animals raised to the highest ethical standards without antibiotics. In fact, 100 percent
of Full Moon’s meat comes from ranch-raised beef, cage-free turkey, and free-range chicken made in the USA, slow cooked in small batches to preserve nutrient density, and flash frozen to preserve freshness and quality. The unique frozen format requires no prep, utensils, or clean up with the option to easily scoop or pour directly from the bag to serve.

Suitable as a topper to boost both nutrient profile and taste or as a full meal, Full Moon Freshly Crafted offers complete benefits for a dog to maximize their potential. Freshly Crafted:

  • Promotes skin and coat health through omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil in specially curated liver bites.
  • Supports immune health with antioxidants in vibrant ingredients like blueberries and sweet potato.
  • Encourages muscle growth and development powered by essential complete amino acids uniquely derived from real meat, and not found in pea protein.
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