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Producing Safe, High-Quality, Trusted & Affordable Food

Delivering Trust Across Multiple Brands And Proteins

Through our PERDUE®, PERDUE® SIMPLY SMART®, PERDUE® CHICKEN PLUS®, PERDUE® HARVESTLAND®, COLEMAN NATURAL® and COLEMAN ORGANIC®, NIMAN RANCH®, PANORAMA ORGANIC GRASS-FED MEATS®PASTUREBIRD®, YUMMY®, and multiple other local brands, we’re bringing innovative product solutions for consumers to market while raising animals to higher standards. That’s made us a leader in raising animals with a diet free from animal by-products, hormones and antibiotics. We also have a full range of foodservice products, from conventional to organic and Perdue International reaches customers around the globe.

Still The Leader In Raising Animals With No Antibiotics Ever*

When it comes to antibiotics, we continue to say no – with a full roster of 100% No-Antibiotics-Ever brands. Now in our second century of business, we proudly lead the industry in animal welfare. Our 2016 announcement that we converted all of our chicken production to a no-antibiotics-ever program remains the tipping point that moved no-antibiotics-ever into the mainstream and pioneered the industry to follow.
*Minimally Processed. No Artificial Ingredients.

Leading The Industry In Raising Chickens With Outdoor Access

As we progress on our animal care journey, we are continuously evolving our practices and making improvements to the way we raise our animals. Building on our leadership as the number-one producer of USDA organic chicken in the country, we also lead the industry in raising chickens with outdoor access.

Perdue family farmers raise more than 25% of our chickens with outdoor access to meet free-range standards, including windows in the barns, environmental enrichments, and safe outdoor access.

Growing Organic The Right Way

As the number-one producer of USDA organic chicken and one of the largest USDA organic grass-fed beef organic to us is much more than a product claim; it’s a commitment to how we raise animals and produce food. Our organic certification covers not only the end product, but every step in the process – including our grasslands, feed and free-range farms with pastures – all the way to market.

Through Perdue AgriBusiness, we have direct access to organic grains and soy. We verify integrity – from the organic farm raising the grain, to the feed, on to the farm raising the chickens. This includes third-party testing at origination and destination and documentation requirements that exceed those of the USDA.

Perdue Stewardship Updates

PERDUE® THANKSNUGGETS® Debuted In Retail Stores

PERDUE® THANKSNUGGETS® Debuted In Retail Stores

Perdue brought back by popular demand its limited time only, PERDUE® THANKSNUGGETS® just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. For the first time ever, the white breast meat with sweet potatoseasoned breading turkey nuggets were available in retail grocery stores nationwide so everyone could get their hands on them during the 2021 holiday season. The limited-edition nuggets paired the No Antibiotics Ever turkey consumers love with sweet potato seasoned breading, for a unique holiday snack. With the best flavors of Thanksgiving packed into each delicious bite, THANKSNUGGETS® were the perfect addition to Thanksgiving celebrations and sure to please nugget lovers of all ages. Following the first-ever release of white breast meat turkey PERDUE® THANKSNUGGETS® at grocery retailers nationwide in September, the brand announced the creation of PERDUE® THANKSDIPPINGS™: two novelty, limited-edition dipping sauces to help consumers bring even more flavors of the holiday home. THANKSDIPPINGS were exclusively available in limited quantities online on with each purchase of the original THANKSNUGGETS.

Perdue Introduces  “Hungry For Better Chicken”  Master Brand Messaging

Perdue Introduces “Hungry For Better Chicken” Master Brand Messaging

In an effort to secure our place as the chicken brand of choice, we’ve designed a new master messaging platform for our flagship PERDUE® brand, driven by a constant theme that will underscore our brand-building efforts moving forward: Hungry for Better Chicken. 

Through this new platform, we bring to life how everything we do adds up to great-tasting PERDUE® chicken and convey our obsession with raising better chickens – aiming to elevate our products, practices, and communications from the competition. 

As a company that has pioneered animal care and premium protein for more than 100 years, the “Hungry for Better Chicken” platform allows us to highlight our drive to exceed consumer expectations – not only to make people “hungry” for PERDUE®, but also to demonstrate how we, as a brand, are “hungry” to continuously improve.

Perdue Launches  PERDUE® CHICKEN PLUS®  Chicken Tots™


Perdue Launches PERDUE® CHICKEN PLUS® Chicken Tots™

What do you get when you combine a Perdue chicken nugget with a tater tot? The newest addition to the PERDUE® CHICKEN PLUS® line, of course! The new product first launched out of the Innovation Center on in late 2021 and started to hit grocery shelves in January 2022. Media coverage from outlets such as Mashed noted the product combines “the craveability of both chicken nuggets and tater tots to create an offering that is all its own” and is “perfect for tater tot lovers.”

PERDUE® CHICKEN PLUS® Chicken Tots™ deliver amazing flavor thanks to a secret recipe of premium, all-white-meat chicken, seasonings, and a veggie blend of cauliflower, chickpeas, cabbage, and potato. In addition to its great taste and convenience, this and all PERDUE® CHICKEN PLUS® products blend the PERDUE® chicken that consumers love with vegetables for ¼ cup of veggies per serving. Additionally, the Chicken Tots boast nine grams of protein per serving, offer a crispy crust of Panko breading and are the perfect side dish, convenient snack, or meal. They’re a great way to get your protein and veggies all at once and are perfect for kids and today’s flexitarian families. Be on the lookout for new PERDUE® CHICKEN PLUS® offerings in the next year. 

New Innovations From PERDUE®

New Innovations From PERDUE®

At Perdue, we’re committed to providing consumers with the best quality products, and part of that is releasing new products that add value and convenience. This spring, two new innovations launched exclusively on 

PERDUE® BBQ Seasoned Pulled Pork Bites take a game day favorite and offers it in a fun, bite-sized format. Flavored with BBQ and sharp cheddar cheese and breaded to perfection, the bites make the perfect snack or meal addition. 

Niman Ranch Introduces 100% Grass-fed Beef

Niman Ranch Introduces 100% Grass-fed Beef

This year, Niman Ranch proudly debuted the first culinary-driven 100% grass-fed and finished beef program to provide exceptional marbling, tender texture and consistent, rich flavor. This program took years of development to ensure it met the standards for quality and taste that the Niman Ranch beef program has come to be known for. The Certified Humane® Angus cattle spend their lives on pasture eating a nutritious diet of the highest-quality annual and perennial grasses and forage, with no growth-promotants, antibiotics or added hormones—EVER.

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