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Agricultural Operations

Perdue AgriBusiness Operations

Perdue Agribusiness partners with farmers, local communities, and customers worldwide to grow, process, sell, and transport grains, oil, feed ingredients, and more. Perdue AgriBusiness supplies Perdue Farms and many companies around the world with the goods they need to pro-duce everything from chicken feed to coffee creamer. The Perdue AgriBusiness team:

  • Merchandises grain and oilseeds for feed, food, and biofuel markets
  • Crushes soybeans for use in feed, food, and industrial markets
  • Merchandises vessels of grain and oilseeds internationally via our deepwater port in Chesapeake, VA
  • Offers alternative ingredients to reduce the cost of animal feed
  • Refines oils and makes custom blends to supply to major food companies
  • Is one of the largest suppliers of organic feed ingredients in the world
  • Develops nutritional supplements to increase cheese and butter output in dairy cows
  • Provides logistics solutions for planned and just-in-time deliveries


Company Stewardship Report

Learn about the steps we're taking to reach our goal of becoming the most trusted name in food and agricultural products.