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Agricultural Customers

Responsibly Producing Safe, High-Quality, Affordable Food for Customers and Consumers Worldwide

A Legacy of Focusing On The Farmer: “You Grow It, We Will Buy It”

Since the construction of the company’s first grain-receiving facility in Salisbury, Md., in 1960, Perdue AgriBusiness has focused on bringing value to the farm gate — recognizing that viable crop farms are essential to our company’s supply chain.

While our business has grown significantly in size and scope, we remain focused on helping farmers increase the profitability of their operations:

  • Our “you grow it, we will buy it” promise to local farmers ensures that they will have a competitive local market for whatever row crops they chose to produce. We will never turn farmers away and are continuously investing in our grain-receiving facilities to better serve farmers and support local organizations.
  • Our network of grain elevators and rail, truck, and maritime transportation provides Mid-Atlantic farmers with access to domestic and international markets.
  • By creating and supporting markets for specialty crops, such as high-eru-cic acid rapeseed, along with organic grains and cover crops, such as winter wheat, we’re providing opportunities for farmers to diversify their operations and potentially increase revenue per acre.

Our “you grow it, we buy it” promise makes a real difference in the lives of our farm partners.

Dale Brown is part of a three-generation grain farm family operating under the name of Nelson Farms Partnership in Carolina County on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Dale’s grandfather started the business in 1958. Today, Dale runs the day-to-day business of the operations along with his father, uncle, cousin and her husband.

Dale worked on the farm growing up before going off to college. Upon graduation, he worked off the farm for about 10 years, before returning to join the family business in 2015.

Today, they prioritize crop diversification on about 4,700 acres as a security measure and grow corn, soybeans and wheat using minimum tillage practices. The Browns deliver a significant amount of their grains to the Perdue feed mill in Bridgeville, Delaware and like that it’s nearby and, thanks to real-time cameras accessible on their mobile devices, they never have to wait in long lines.

never have to wait in long lines. “The majority of our grains go to Perdue,” said Dale. “Perdue is a constant here on the Shore. We do have choices, but we’ve stayed with Perdue because they have a feed mill nearby in Bridgeville. Working with Perdue has been an easy choice for us.”

Investing In Innovative Specialty Crops

Perdue AgriBusiness continues to invest in the sustainable production of innovative specialty crops for our customers. Our products and services lead the way in traceability and sustainability.

Perdue offers growers access to additional premiums for enhancing crop rotations, implementing regenerative agriculture practices (such as no-till and cover crops), increasing biodiversity, promoting pollinator crops, and producing the highest nutrient dense heart healthy solutions for our consumers.

Perdue Specialty Crops contracts crops such as High Erucic Acid Rapeseed (HEAR), Organic Grains such as corn, high oleic soybeans, wheat, canola, and sunflower, offering growers unique opportunities to earn potentially more revenue per acre.

Perdue partners with its growers to make an impact across the value chain. Perdue strives to exceed the expectations of our customers with solutions that are sustainable and support local communities that drive transformative outcomes for society. At Perdue, we believe in responsible food and agriculture.

Chesapeake Revs Up Operations with New Extractor, Boosts Efficiency and Better Serves our 700 Virginia Grain Farmers

In Perdue’s Fiscal Year 2023 Stewardship report, we highlighted the investment we are making at our Chesapeake, Virginia oilseed crushing facility. After about two years, we successfully completed the operational upgrade and have installed a cutting-edge extractor, which is the centerpiece of this project.

This new technology is already yielding impressive results, improved oil recovery by 1%, which translates to significant annual benefits of $5 million at current market prices. Furthermore, Chesapeake achieved a new record by loading a staggering 63 containers, the equivalent of approximately 1,764 tons of soybean meal, for export.

These enhancements also impact our 700-plus Virginia grain farmers, who provide us with their crops and made this upgrade possible. Renovating and expanding our Chesapeake operation allows us to increase local origination and improve our processing
capabilities, as well as enhance logistical efficiencies across our supply chain to continue meeting customer demand. This state-of-the-art extractor is one of four solvent extraction soybean crush plants we operate on the Eastern Seaboard. This achievement at Chesapeake underscores the company’s commitment to delivering top-tier products to a global market.

“The dedication of our team and the implementation of this advanced technology position us to deliver even greater value to our customers,” said Wayne Hudson, Perdue AgriBusiness senior vice president of operations.

This project highlights Chesapeake’s commitment to continuous improvement and its focus on remaining an industry leader.

Leveraging Our Deepwater Port To Reach Around The World

Through our deepwater port in Chesapeake, Va., Perdue AgriBusiness is able to access harvests in the northern and southern hemispheres and be a year-round supplier to our customers.

Perdue AgriBusiness exports grains, soybeans, soymeal and soil oil by shipload and containers. Our Chesapeake facility is connected to the rest of the grain-receiving and handling network by barge,
rail and truck.

100% USA Supply Chain

Our Commitment to Healthy Flocks and Families

As backyard poultry enthusiasts, we understand the integral role that ingredient sourcing plays in the health and vitality of our feathered friends. Our commitment to stewardship extends beyond merely providing nutritious sustenance for flocks; it’s also about ensuring their well-being and, by extension, the health of your family. That’s why the Perdue Animal Nutrition team launched FREEDOM FLY; black soldier fly larvae poultry treats with a 100% USA supply chain.

Traceable and Transparent Supply Chain: We recognize the importance of transparency in the origin and production of food. That’s why Freedom Fly sources its BSFL exclusively from a 100% USA supply chain. Grown, dried, and packaged in Kentucky in facilities compliant with the rigorous standards set by the US Food Safety Modernization Act, the larvae undergo thorough inspection at every stage to ensure safety and quality.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions: Our responsibility to the environment extends beyond the contents of our product. Freedom Fly’s packaging is crafted from 100% recycled paperboard, supporting a circular economy. The box is made in Indiana, printed in Pennsylvania, and packed and sealed in Arkansas. Furthermore, our boxes and resealable inner bags are fully recyclable, minimizing our environmental footprint and contributing to a greener future.

Safe and Natural Feeding Practices: Feeding your flock should never come at the expense of their health or the environment. Freedom Fly BSFL are all-natural and free from added hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides. Raised on a regulated diet to ensure premium quality, our larvae offer a safe and nutritious treat for all poultry species.

Our commitment to stewardship goes beyond mere words — it’s ingrained in every aspect of our operation. From sourcing the finest quality ingredients to fostering sustainable practices, Freedom Fly stands as a beacon of excellence in backyard poultry nutrition.


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Niman Ranch Celebrates 25th Annual Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner

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Niman Ranch Farmer Ambassadors Share Their Story, Connecting Farm to Table

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