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New Advertising Helps Promote New Perdue® Alternative Protein Product Line

New Advertising Helps Promote New Perdue® Alternative Protein Product Line

In 2019, the PERDUE® brand launched a new, national 360-degree marketing campaign to spotlight the brand’s new product line of CHICKEN PLUS™ nuggets, tenders and patties blended with a quarter of a cup of vegetables hidden in each serving.

Airing nationally, the campaign’s TV commercials star Ryan and Chris Perdue, part of the fourth generation of Perdues working in the family business, their father, company Chairman Jim Perdue and a cafeteria full of non-actor students at Castle Heights Elementary School in Los Angeles, Calif.

As the Perdues pass out CHICKEN PLUS™ nuggets and lead the students through a series of questions about their lunch, the hidden-camera style commercials capture the kids’ resounding delight toward chicken nuggets and shared surprise for vegetables as they learn some are inside the nuggets.

“What is important to our consumers is important to us. In my own family, I see the challenges that my kids have getting my grandchildren to eat a well-balanced diet. We know that parents need help getting their kids to eat more veggies. Creating these blended products is just one of the ways we continue to offer solutions to the parents who trust us with their mealtimes,” said Jim Perdue.

Perdue Farms Expands Premium Proteins Availability Through E-Commerce Website

Perdue Farms Expands Premium Proteins Availability Through E-Commerce Website

Consumers all over the country are now able to enjoy heritage, organic, pasture-raised, pork, beef, chicken or lamb, all raised with no antibiotics ever by farm families with the highest standards of animal care, regardless of where they live.

With nearly half or more of all shoppers buying perishables, such as meat, produce and dairy items online*, in early 2020 Perdue Farms entered e-commerce with a website offering a selection of its family of brands for sale directly to consumers. Hosted at PerdueFarms.com, the site offers an assortment of frozen items across some of Perdue Farms’ most popular brands including PERDUE®, Niman Ranch®, Coleman Natural®, Sonoma Red® and Skagit Red®, with plans to add additional offerings over time as demand increases.

All packaging from online orders is 100 percent recyclable. The foam insulation is made from water-soluble cornstarch, which can be composted or even disintegrated under running water and safely rinsed down a kitchen sink.

Each order includes a reusable shopping tote and a packet of bee- and butterfly-friendly seeds for consumers to plant in their yards or elsewhere around their communities to help the local pollinator population flourish.

Additionally, with each sale through this new website, Perdue Farms makes a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation to help offset the shipment’s carbon footprint, which equates to removing more than 70 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere per order.

*According to a global survey of shoppers and retailers by IDC (International Data Company) for Precima, a retail analytics firm.

Our Centennial: First 100 Years Was Built On Trust and Willingness To Challenge The Status Quo

With the arrival of 2020, we were celebrating 100 years of being a family-owned business and a lasting commitment to responsible food and agriculture. As we entered our second century, we looked forward to more quality, more sustainability and more innovation guided by the same values we started with a century ago.

A lot has happened over the past 100 years that has led to our success since Arthur and Pearl Perdue founded the company in 1920. They, along with their son Frank Perdue, were not afraid to challenge the status quo, listen to consumers and do the unexpected.

We’ve grown from focusing on poultry to become a premium protein company that offers chicken, turkey, pork, beef and lamb. These offerings, which comprise our vast product portfolio, have elevated our understanding of the importance of putting our animals and farmers at the center of what we do, which has made us a better company.

We are one of the largest grain companies in the nation and offer a diversity of agricultural products and services.

Our focus on meeting consumer demands has led us to be the first poultry company to raise our chickens with no antibiotics ever, to bring higher welfare standards to caring for animals and to be the largest organic chicken company in the U.S.

Our dedication to being good stewards includes our commitment to the environment and our associates. We’ve built relationships and collaborated with stakeholders to find areas of common ground where we can drive real change.

Frank Perdue believed that the success of the company was due to the quality of the people in the company, so we’ve worked hard to create a workplace that is safe, productive and inclusive for all our associates.

We owe our success to so many people. Thank you to our associates who have been part of this history and who will contribute to our future success. Thank you to our farm families, many of whom have been with us for generations, for doing things the right way. Thank you to our customers for choosing us as your partner.

And thank you to our consumers, who continue to put their trust in us. As we enter our second century, we will continue to work hard to earn the trust that has guided us this far.

Perdue Family Farmhouse Is Daily Reminder Of Our Heritage

As part of the company’s celebration of its 100th anniversary in 2020, Perdue Farms opened its historic Perdue family farmhouse for public tours for the first time.

The farmhouse, which is part of the company’s logo and is located across the street from its corporate office in Salisbury, Md., was built in 1917 by company founder Arthur W. Perdue. Three years later, he and his wife, Pearl Parsons Perdue, began a small poultry operation on its grounds in 1920. Their only child, son Franklin Parsons Perdue, was born in the home in May of that year.

“The farmhouse is a daily reminder to all of us at Perdue of the tenets of quality, integrity, hard work and trust upon which my grandfather built his business, and of our beginning as a family farm,” said Chairman Jim Perdue.

The farmhouse underwent a restoration in 2007, revealing the original wood-side exterior, interior hardwood floors, woodwork and fireplaces. The work also uncovered a wood shingle hidden in one of the walls, signed and dated “September 1917” by Arthur Perdue.

In 2017, the Perdue family farmhouse was designated a Maryland Century Farm and is included on the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties. The home retains its original floor plan and many original architectural features. Family photos, furnishings and memorabilia are on display throughout the home, along with some family narrated videos.

The Family Story Continues

Perdue Farms has remained family owned for 100 years, and the Perdue family is committed to continuing that legacy into our next century. Two generations of Perdues work in the company and the family is committed to keeping Perdue Farms a family owned, values-driven business. Chairman Jim Perdue is the third generation to lead our company. In addition, five members of the next generation of Perdues are currently working in the business.

Jim Perdue

Jim Perdue

Chairman, Perdue Farms

Carlos Ayala

Carlos Ayala

VP New Business Ventures, Perdue Foods

Chris Oliviero

Chris Oliviero

VP General Manager, Niman Ranch

Chris Perdue

Chris Perdue

Director of E-Commerce, Perdue Foods

Ryan Perdue

Ryan Perdue

VP General Manager, Spot Farms
and Full Moon

Rick Lloyd

Rick Lloyd

Director of Business Development, Perdue Agribusiness

Covid-19: Our Strong Values Guide Us Through Unprecedented Challenges

As we were closing out our Fiscal Year in March 2020, life as we knew it was coming to a screeching halt as the global COVID-19 pandemic was beginning its march across the U.S. Seemingly overnight, American consumers were greeted by empty shelves in their grocery store meat departments due to increased demand, especially for retail poultry products. “Social distancing” had entered our lexicon. Chicken had become the ultimate comfort food and we ran our plants six days a week to keep up with consumer demand.

In our 100-year history, we had never experienced a crisis like this. As a major food supplier, we were deemed a critical infrastructure industry by the federal government, giving us an obligation to continue producing safe, wholesome products to feed our neighbors around the country and making our front-line associates essential.

We convened our COVID-19 Pandemic Task Force to address business issues as they arose. Throughout this our primary concern was ensuring the safety and health of our associates, the true front line heroes in America’s food supply chain, along with supporting their families, our farmers, our customers and our business partners, and ensuring the continuity of our supply chain and protecting our communities.

We enacted numerous preventative measures to protect our associates, including increased sanitation and cleaning at all our operations and implemented daily temperature checks for anyone entering our facilities. We extended the hours of many of our facilities’ on-site Wellness Centers, which are available to all associates free of charge.

This uncertain and evolving challenge has shone a light on what it truly means to be part of a team working for the greater good. Together, our collective team stepped up to accomplish something greater than any one individual could alone. As we navigate this “new normal” and challenges yet to be seen, we will be guided by our values of teamwork, quality, integrity and trust to come out of this stronger.

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