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Perdue Stewardship Updates

Perdue Farms E-commerce Site Among Real Simple Magazine’s List of Best Meat Delivery Services

Perdue Farms E-commerce Site Among Real Simple Magazine’s List of Best Meat Delivery Services

The Perdue Farms direct-to-consumer e-commerce website, which offers a selection of the Perdue Farms family of brands, was named to Real Simple Magazine’s list of the Best Meat Delivery Services. The e-commerce website took home the honor of “Best Chicken Delivery” service due to the large selection of high-quality premium chicken products, primarily from the PERDUE® brand. The article also recognized Perdue Farms for its ease of navigation, budget-friendly options and range of offerings, including proteins such as beef, pork, turkey and lamb from the Niman Ranch®, Panorama Organic Grass-Fed Meats® and Coleman Natural® brands.

Perdue takes great pride in Real Simple’s recognition of our efforts to meet consumers where they are with a large selection of high-quality, premium meats, and easy navigation that allows them to filter by types of meat or even sort by price and dietary preferences. After launching just months before the COVID-19 pandemic, we look forward to expanding and evolving our e-commerce offerings to continue meeting the needs of our consumers and introduce new consumers into the Perdue Farms family of brands. 

Perdue AgriBusiness drives into Freight Broker Business

Perdue AgriBusiness drives into Freight Broker Business

In 2021, Perdue AgriBusiness launched Perdue Logistics™, a freight broker business to adapt to market changes and challenges in the trucking business.

Perdue Logistics™ is our answer to help our partners’ logistics challenges by serving as the facilitator between customer and carrier to deliver the commodities that keep America thriving. We are leveraging our transportation and knowledge and close relationships with carriers.

A Second Year Of COVID-19

Our response remained on ensuring the safety of our associates and fulfilling our obligation to keep America fed, while helping provide our associates access to vaccines

We entered a new fiscal year in April 2021 and second year operating amid the ongoing challenges of a global pandemic. While supply chain disruptions and labor shortages challenged our business, they also highlighted our resolve and resilience to fulfill our vision “to be the most trusted name in food and agricultural products.” 

Through it all, our focus remained on keeping our associates safe and doing our part to keep America fed. At the same time, thousands of Perdue associates continued to show up diligently to honor our commitments to quality, service and reliability to our customers, consumers, and all our stakeholders. 

The widespread availability of multiple FDA approved Covid-19 vaccines signaled hope that an end to the pandemic was finally in sight. Through our partnerships with local and state health organizations, we were able to provide all associates access to a free vaccine. We also provided associates with incentives to get a vaccine. 

We continued to operate with a heightened sense of safety for our associates, but as vaccination rates increased in our communities and positive case rates dropped, we were able to suspend non-contact temperature checks and make mask wearing optional for our associates in accordance with CDC guidelines. Masks are still available for our associates and anyone entering our facilities. 

Perdue Family Farmhouse Is A Daily Reminder Of Our 103-Year Heritage

The Perdue family farmhouse, located across the street from our headquarters in Salisbury, Md., is a daily reminder to all of us at Perdue of our values of quality, integrity, teamwork and stewardship upon which the business was built.

The farmhouse was built in 1917 by company founder Mr. Arthur Perdue. Three years later, he and his wife, Pearl Parsons Perdue, began a small poultry operation on its ground in 1920. Their only child, son Franklin Parsons Perdue, was born in the home in May of that year.

The farmhouse underwent a restoration in 2007, revealing the original wood-side exterior, interior hardwood, woodwork and fireplaces. The work also uncovered a wood shingle hidden in one of the walls, signed and dated “September 1917” by Arthur Perdue.

In 2017, the Perdue family farmhouse was designated a Maryland Century Farm and is included on the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties. The home retains its original floor plan and many original architectural features. Family photos, furnishings and memorabilia are on display throughout the home along with some family narrated videos.

The Family Story Continues Into Our Second Century

For 103 years, Perdue Farms has remained family owned and the Perdue family is committed to continuing that legacy into our second century. Two generations of the Perdue family work in the company today and the family is committed to keeping Perdue Farms a family owned, values-driven business. Chairman Jim Perdue is the third generation to lead the company. Additionally, four members of the next generation of the family are currently working in the business.

Headshot photo of Jim Perdue

Jim Perdue

Chairman, Perdue Farms

Headshot photo of Chris Perdue

Chris Perdue

VP of E-Commerce, Perdue Foods

Headshot photo of Chris Oliviero

Chris Oliviero

VP General Manager, Niman Ranch

Headshot photo of Ryan Perdue

Ryan Perdue

VP General Manager, Pet

Headshot photo of Rick Lloyd

Rick Lloyd

Director of Business Development, Perdue Agribusiness