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Perdue AgriBusiness Announces Plans To Close Lothian, Md. Grain Elevator

Assisting Farmers With Transition and Exploring Options To Keep Facility Open

January 20, 2021

Salisbury, Md. (Wednesday, January 20, 2021) — Perdue AgriBusiness, an independent operating company of Maryland-based Perdue Farms, has announced plans to close its grain elevator in Lothian, Md., by March 31 and is working closely with local farmers to minimize the impact. The company will stop receiving grain deliveries on Feb. 26.

“As a 101-year-old Maryland based company, we have long valued the importance of our relationship with local grain farmers, one built on a century of trust and transparency,” said Scott Fredericksen, president of Perdue AgriBusiness. “Unfortunately, over the last 20 years, we have seen a significant reduction in Anne Arundel County farmland, including a 30 percent reduction in total harvested grain acres* - a trend that no longer aligns with our long-term business strategy.”

Fredericksen said the Lothian facility is for sale and the company is looking at alternative solutions to keep it open. “Perdue is more than willing to assist the Southern Maryland agricultural community with identifying viable solutions,” he said. “The Lothian grain elevator is a critical part of Southern Maryland’s agriculture community and our department is committed to working with all parties to find a solution for our farmers,” said Maryland Secretary of Agriculture Joe Bartenfelder. Fredericksen explains Perdue has “been very transparent with our farmers about our intentions with the grain elevator. Taking care of our farmers is very important to us, and we are working to assist those farmers that are inconvenienced by this closure with logistical costs. We always put our farmers first.”

Perdue AgriBusiness
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