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What others say about Perdue's Commitments to Animal Care 2017

July 17, 2017

What those who care for our chickens have to say

“These chickens are living things. You want to give them a life where they feel comfortable. When you come into these houses and there’s windows and more space, the chickens can move freely and actually enjoy their lives.” -- Ashley Brown, Perdue Flock Advisor

“Perdue’s part in going above and beyond the competition as far as animal care goes is great because it really gives you a hands-on approach. It makes the farmers connect that much more with their animals.” -- Calen Rossing, Perdue Farm Family Partner 

“You see the differences with the windows. You see chickens jumping around, running over and under feed lines and water lines.” -- Sasha Smith, Perdue Poultry Care Officer

“All that Perdue is doing is going to make a better life for the chicken, and I think that’s very important.” -- Nicole Bellus, Perdue Flock Advisor

 “I’ve been very impressed with Perdue as to the direction they’re going with the care of the birds That’s what the consumer wants. Perdue is certainly meeting that concern, and we’re here to grow chickens to meet that concern the best we way we can.” -- Jeffrey Reed, Perdue Farm Family Partner

“Perdue is hands-down doing a great job with animal care. As a farmer, I am expected to do a lot. Animal care is the number one, most-important thing that happens on my farm.”-- Daniel Dickerson, Perdue Farm Family Partner


What others have to say

“Major food companies are increasingly committing to treating chickens in their supply chains better. Perdue, with this announcement, becomes the largest poultry producer to ensure that this demand will be met. We applaud Perdue for focusing its improvements on the core areas of concern within the poultry industry and this holistic approach demonstrates all that’s possible in creating better lives for billions of chickens.” -- Josh Balk, Vice President of Farm Animal Protection at the Humane Society of the United States

 “We commend Perdue’s commitment to meet the rapidly growing demands for higher welfare chicken. Not only is it the right thing to do for the birds but it’s the right thing to do for the business given the certain direction of the market. Their transformation and willingness to collaborate, be transparent and continually do better makes them a pioneer amongst poultry producers.”  -- Leah Garces, Executive Director, Compassion in World Farming


"We applaud Perdue's commitment to advancing animal welfare standards. At Blue Apron, we believe that animals should be raised with uncompromising principles. We are pleased to see industry stakeholders such as Perdue take steps toward a more sensible approach to animal well-being." -- Matt Wadiak, COO, Blue Apron

Perdue Announces Commitments to Animal Care 2017

Perdue Farms Statement on Meeting Demand for Chicken Raised to Criteria Outlined in the “Joint Animal Protection Organization Statement on Broiler Chicken Welfare Issues”