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QSR Awards Application

Nomination Form

Please fill out all the information on the Nomination Form as completely as possible. For assistance, click on the accompanying "Help" links for an explanation of the nomination criteria for each category. Hint: If you navigate away from this page before submitting the form, your content will not be saved. You may find it easier to draft your responses in a word processing program and to paste text from the word processing program into the online form.

Feel free to solicit information from others, but all information should be compiled into a single nomination form. Forms cannot be updated once they have been submitted; if you have additional information, you will need to resubmit the nomination.

Nominations for the 2024 Frank Perdue Quality, Service and Reliability Award must be received by January 31, 2024. The winner of the 2024 awards will be announced in Spring of 2024. If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Schuster, Corporate Human Resources Manager, at 410-543-3768, or email Perdue associates with questions can also seek assistance from their local HR offices.

Nominee's Information (The person you are nominating)

*Which state of the business meeting is the nominee most likely to attend?

*What products and/or services does the nominee provide? Need help with this?

"Products or Services" describes the output of the nominee, based on his or her current position. For example, the product or service of an associate in Accounting might be financial data and reports. Product for an associate in the Deboning Department would include deboned breast meat.

*Who are the nominee's customers? Need help with this?

"Customers" may be external, including traditional customers such as buyers and brokers, producers or grain farmers; or internal, such as other departments, functions or other associates, to whom the nominee provides products or services.

Describe the nominee's contribution to Quality, Service and Reliability
Use your answers to the questions below to describe the nominee's leadership in the areas of Quality, Service and Reliability over an extended period of time. This can include describing:

  • How quality, service and reliability are ingrained into the nominee's work style
  • How the nominee's commitment to QSR drives continuous improvement and inspires others
  • How the nominee goes "above and beyond" to honor commitments
  • Examples of creative thinking and implementing those ideas

*How does the nominee exemplify a commitment to Quality? Need help with this?

"Quality" means providing the best possible products and/or services to the customer. A commitment to quality means fully understanding the quality requirements and expectations for the products or services and consistently meeting or exceeding those requirements and expectations. The nominee should exemplify this definition of quality and show a commitment to continuous quality improvement. Please cite examples and be as specific as possible.

*How does the nominee exemplify a commitment to Service? Need help with this?

"Service" encompasses both service to their customers and the company but also service to the community. Please cite examples to both and be as specific as possibly.

*How does the nominee exemplify a commitment to Reliability? Need help with this?

"Reliability" means providing and/or delivering products and/or services consistently and dependably. A commitment to reliability means fully understanding customers' reliability requirements and expectations and meeting or exceeding those requirements and expectations. The nominee should exemplify this definition of reliability. Please cite examples and be as specific as possible.

Nominator's Information (Your information)

*Please be sure a thank you page appears after you submit (it may take some time). If not, please email