USDA Process Verified Program for Poultry Care

The Perdue USDA Process Verified Program for Poultry Care and the Five Freedoms

An Evolving Baseline Standard for How We Raise Chickens

Our USDA Process Verified Program for Poultry Care covers a minimum of 188 audit points, with more than 50 documented processes across seven areas, from hatchery to harvest. Our Process Verified Program (PVP) covers all our live production and harvesting operations, establishing an evolving baseline standard. 

The Poultry Care PVP also requires a corporate commitment, including:

  • An animal welfare program endorsed and fully supported by current senior management
  • A person or management group responsible for animal welfare throughout the operation
  • An implemented and documented internal and external auditing program
  • A mechanism for reporting animal welfare violations without threat of retaliation

In this report, we show how each of the Verified Processes supports the Five Freedoms, and we summarize the Perdue Commitments to Animal Care initiatives that are helping us improve in each of the seven areas. We will continue to update this as we add or complete initiatives and as we make changes to our PVP processes as a result of those initiatives.



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