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Antibiotics Position Statement

July 26, 2021

All of the animals for our branded products are raised in no-antibiotics-ever programs, including chicken, turkey, pork, lamb and beef. We also offer a full range of no-antibiotics-ever products for foodservice operators, including restaurants, schools, colleges and universities and hospitals.

We recognize that consumers, the public and health care professionals have a wide range of concerns over the use of antibiotics in animal agriculture, and we are committed to raising as many animals as possible without any antibiotics, of any kind ever.

We’ve found that, through increased attention — from our farmers through our many associates in the supply chain — on animal husbandry, and animal health, we can consistently and sustainably raise healthy animals without relying on antibiotics.

We believe that the “No Antibiotics Ever” claim provides consumers transparency and the assurance that the meat they are purchasing is from animals that never received any antibiotics, of any kind, at any point in its life.

As part of our commitment to animal welfare, we continue to treat sick flocks with antibiotics when necessary. Treated animals are removed from the no- antibiotics-ever program and sold through other channels. Federally mandated withdrawal programs ensure all meat is free of antibiotic residue as defined by USDA.