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New Organic Statement

November 15, 2023

As the largest producer of organic chicken, Perdue is pleased to see the USDA’s newly published organic standards, which further reinforce our company’s work as the market leader in organic standards for poultry, livestock and animal care practices.  

On November 2, 2023, USDA’s Agriculture Marketing Service (AMS) published new organic standards for poultry and livestock for animal care and production practices.  Previously, standards for animal care and production practices were not a part of the program requirements. The rules ensure more consistent production and certification practices throughout the industry and bolsters trust in the organic label. These changes will ensure organically produced foods meet a transparent and consistent standard to allow the industry to maintain consumer confidence in USDA organic products, to align with consumer expectations regarding outdoor access, and to further facilitate interstate commerce in organic products.

Some of the new provisions addressed in the final rule include:

  • Reduces confusion about organic production practices and standards.
  • Establishes species-specific standard for Avian species.
  • Clarifies indoor and outdoor space requirements.
  • Strengthens and clarifies animal health care regulations.

Perdue’s current organic program and Global Animal Partnership (GAP) certification already meets – or are moving toward – the new standards, including outdoor access, density, opportunities to express normal behaviors, ammonia monitoring and lighting. In fact, all Perdue houses and outdoor areas have enrichments to support normal behaviors, and we already provide “lights out” time at night.

All organic operations must comply with the requirements of this rule by January 2, 2025, except currently certified organic broiler operations and broiler operations that are certified before January 2, 2025. Those facilities must comply with the regulations concerning indoor and outdoor stocking density requirements and soil and vegetation requirements by January 5, 2029.

As the market leader, Perdue has been actively providing feedback to the USDA-AMS during the creation of the new standards. As a company, we are committed to working with our network of farmers to make the required changes within the specified time period to comply with the new guidelines.